Does God Exist? A New Theory Proposed (Part 1)

The aim of this exploration and examination is to determine whether or not God exists. Can we verify or prove that God exists? The reader may be surprised at how much proof exists to answer that question. Let’s present a new theory to explain and answer that question.

First, it is necessary to point out that all human, animal, and plant life must be either directed or non-directed. There can be no other alternatives. Life cannot be half-directed and half non-directed or a quarter-directed and three-quarters non-directed or any other proportion that we might identify.

If life is half-directed or some other proportion, then we have to identify and account for WHO directs that half or portion. If some life form or superior being directs half or part of life, doesn’t it open the discussion to explain why the life form doesn’t direct all life? That’s the obvious question we need to ask, isn’t it? Thus, life is all one way or the other–in other words, all directed or all non-directed. Let’s discuss this point further.

If human, animal, and plant life is non-directed, there cannot be any limitations on what kind of growth can develop. For example, humans could then be born with three arms or four legs or fewer arms or legs or some other deviant physical differences. Lack of direction means lack of limits. As another example, animals could similarly be born with three legs instead of four legs or two heads instead of just one head, as well as any other deviation from the norm. Like it could happen to humans, animals could develop mutations and changes in their bodies over a life span. If there are no limits, what’s to stop that from happening? As a third example, if you plant a certain plant, for example, corn, you could harvest potatoes instead or some other variant of corn or other plants. There would be no limitation on what plant life is produced or on how it could be changed. Humans, animals, and plant life would be able to deviate in numerous ways at birth or during the course of life. There would be no DNA.

However, as it is now, humans are typically born with one head, two arms, two eyes, and two legs–consistently. That consistency means that the birth and growth of a baby is limited or constricted in accordance to certain guidelines. Generally speaking, those guidelines are strictly adhered to. Granted there are some babies born with deformities or abnormalities. However, those babies are exceptions to the general guidelines to which most babies adhere. Likewise animals follow similar guidelines. Plants also follow strict guidelines. That kind of limitation in human, animal, and plant life means that such life is directed.

When we look at plant life, we find many levels of organization. These levels include kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species. These same levels are used to classify animal life too. If life is no directed, then every part of human, animal, and plant life must vary in innumerable ways and amounts. There can be no limits, such as evidenced by the many levels of organization that I just cited. Anything can happen–because no limits exist. In fact, if all life is non-directed, then all life growth must deviate by accident and/or by random. One accident occurs after another. Or one random event occurs after another after another after another without any time limit. This means that human, animal, and plant life develops by accident or randomly without rhyme or reason and at any level of organization. The levels of organization listed above cannot exist if there is no directing force.

In contrast, if life is directed, then such extreme amount of organization is rational and clearly demonstrates an order caused by a directing force or intelligent life form that we may logically call God. We already noted that animal life is organized by the same categories or levels of organization as occurs in plant life. We previously described how organized the human body is. One might dismiss this notion by asserting that DNA requires such consistency in all life forms. However, this assertion fails to explain the cause for the existence of DNA. What is the cause of DNA? That must be answered. Here, it is suggested that God created DNA and all those levels of organization–those classifications.

Since we have discussed this basic foundation, we can now explain the rest of this theory. Stayed tuned for the rest in the next part. If you want to comment on these remarks, you are invited to share your thoughts and ideas at By sharing ideas we all learn from each other and progress together.