God’s Existence

Don’t we humans want to know whether or not God exists?  Since humankind has wondered for centuries, or even thousands of years, about gods and how they affect our lives, the answer seems to be “yes!”.  So, it’s not new that we wonder. Here is an author who does not pretend to be the expert or the scientist who tells us what to believe.  This author shows us how the different sciences reveal the actual truth.  Do you want to know the truth?  Then read this insightful book and discover things that humankind has taken for granted or overlooked.  This book connects the dots that even some scientists have forgotten to do. 

God’s Existence: Truth or Fiction? The Answer Revealed by Gary R. Lindberg is a scientific study about the proof of God’s Existence.  The book’s thesis is that science actually proves that God exists.   The author discovers why many Christians fear the concept of evolution, explains why they should not fear it, and how Christianity agrees with evolution.  The book offers its own powerful theory to challenge readers to contemplate and finally presents its unique conclusion.

Publisher:  Dorrance Publishing
Paperback / ebook
ISBN:  978-1-6480-4273-7 / ASIN:  B08ZMWWB87
108 pages
Price:  $12.00 / $7.00

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The Book Commentary

“Extensively researched and brilliantly written. … The author also provides concrete facts and evidence about the perfect placement of the Earth’s rotation, the miraculous workings of the human body, and how the Big Bang, physics, and theology interconnect. … It is one of the best books I have read that intelligently articulates the question of the existence of God and the origin of the world.

— Christina Prescott

San Francisco Book Review

“Lindberg discusses the differences between secular scientists’ theories and hypotheses versus those of Christian scientists to determine which view is most logical. … [He] presents accurate and informative statements, and God’s Existence is worth reading for people of all beliefs.”

— Rachel Dehning

Booklife Reviews
Rating: A

God’s Existence ultimately approaches divisions between science and religion with humility, acknowledging all that we don’t know while pressing the case that one truth unites all that we do… Readers looking to balance belief and the scientific method will find some engaging original reasoning here.
Takeaway: This attempt to answer the biggest question facing humanity finds welcome common ground between science and religion.”