Manifesting Peace in Daily Life: Small Contributions to a Better World

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Gary Lindberg’s book, a memoir about being a Peace Corps volunteer, depicts a fulfilling journey in service to open-mindedness, international cooperation and, ultimately, peace.

Everyone wants to contribute to the betterment of society and the world, especially the youth, who will inherit a far less hospitable planet. It’s saddening to admit, but there are too many problems plaguing modern society. From racial tensions to increasing income inequality and many more, the same systems and structures that rule over people and cultures are not working as they should. There is war, poverty, discrimination, and violence. All these are complex issues that demand answers.

Figuring out what to do while trying to impact the world is one of the most significant barriers to people acting on something and attempting to improve their surroundings. And when one can’t discover a purpose for themselves, it becomes relatively easy to grow cynical or pessimistic; sometimes, the event leads to disillusionment and apathy, entirely preventing someone from moving on and being a better individual.

Yet, despite wanting to, only some have the time and the ability to try and better the world.

But there is some good news: everyone can make a difference. Though the problems are seemingly complex, there are simple solutions that anyone can apply to their personal lives and act out daily. Here are some things you can do to promote action for peace and justice:

A Serene Mind Leads to Serene Action.

The first step always comes from the inside. People should practice calmness and patience. Embodying these qualities allow for better engagement with people, a better thought process, and a better understanding and control of one’s emotions. A clear mind offers a heightened mental acuity in breaking down complex issues, allowing a person to conduct themselves better and be an excellent example to those around them.

Living with Less Leads to Leaving Less.

One of the most significant issues of the modern age is the creation of waste and where to put them. This problem is adjacent to other issues brought about by industrialization and increasing alienation; it is also a significant contributor to climate change. People should learn how to live simpler lives, not in terms of discarding the ease of modern living but of knowing how to make the most with little—downsizing, recycling, etc.

An Educated Outlook Promotes Educated Solutions.

Many of the issues plaguing society today are not new ones. They have been going on since the dawn of civilization; it bewilders me that they are nowhere close to being solved. Even more bewildering is that the solutions to these problems have already been laid out. Still, because of an unjust and unequal system, most people do not get to know these solutions, and the problem persists unending. People should learn from other perspectives and understand why these problems arise and the steps required to solve them.

Peace Inside the Workplace Promotes Peace Outside Of It.

In the modern age, the lion’s share of time most people spend their days will most likely be at the workplace. As people should begin building peace at home, they should also start building peace at work.

Friendly Relations Create Friendly Communities that Create Friendly Societies

Interpersonal relationships, whether with family, friends, and strangers, are the chain that connects everyone. People should work more on solidifying those bonds by constantly working on diplomacy and being an active half of the relationship. As they say, it takes two to tango, and passivity from both sides leads to misunderstandings and resentment. Better relationships with others result in better relationships, creating a better community and eventually leading to a better society.

Good Art Becomes Good Conduct.

Although people regard art, including music, literature, and film, as a mere medium for entertainment, this is a significant vehicle for cultural change. They are the best vectors for spreading information and ideas and convincing people to contribute to engaging with society and creating a better world. Art is endlessly helpful because it connects people, provides a shared perspective of the world, and envisions a future to look forward to.

Supporting Change Means Supporting Actions Toward It

Some people cannot expend the more significant part of their effort towards change, which is understandable. Sometimes, profound difference happens because of people behind-the-scenes. Supporting activists and advocates can go a long way to fulfilling much-needed transformative action.

What About Those Who Think Bigger?

For people who want to do more, it is always a good idea to start researching. If you want to learn more about actively contributing to peace, Gary Lindberg’s book, a memoir about being a Peace Corps Volunteer, is an excellent place to start.

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