Peace Begins Within: Achieve Inner Peace Before Others

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Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see.” This mindset also applies to wishing for peace in the world. For it to happen, people must first learn to be kind to themselves and achieve a sense of inner peace.

World peace – a two-word concept that, when heard, provides this sense of comfort and safety to people. In fact, it’s an ongoing inside joke among pageants and any event with a question-and-answer segment that, when asked what people want to achieve, the surefire answer to win would be world peace. After all, it’s something most people, regardless of status and religion, want to achieve.

However, world peace in today’s society seems like nothing but an impossible dream. It’s a dream that might never be actualized, something people wish to attain but can never take hold of. There are seven, almost eight, billion people in the world, each having different interests, opinions, and goals. How long will it take for everyone’s needs to be met to feel content that they’re willing to live in harmony with everyone else?

But What Is World Peace?

World peace is defined as the complete absence of conflict between countries. It’s a vision of the world existing without violence and nations co-existing in harmony, working with each other to equally improve and not compete. World peace means people aren’t suffering from human rights violations. They’re enjoying the perks of having technology, free education, and a general abundance of resources.

While peace is highly sought-after, it’s something that’s challenging to achieve even at the community level. How much more at a global view? Fortunately, achieving this isn’t an individual effort. There are numerous organizations aimed at helping the world achieve this state. One of which is an organization that author Gary R. Lindberg volunteered to join.

Peace Corps as Volunteers for Peace

The Peace Corps is an organization that trains and deploys volunteers to provide developmental assistance. With its mission to promote world peace, this organization helps promote a better understanding of people and their needs, aiming to gratify and fulfill them. These Peace Corps volunteers work with local leaders to address and resolve societal challenges.

However, things are better said than done. Despite the Peace Corps deploying hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers to help achieve world peace, it won’t ever be attained if greedy and corrupt leaders still exist. It’s easy for people to imagine a peaceful world, to picture a world where leaders work with each other in harmony. But for this to happen, for genuine peace to be reached, people must first settle things within themselves and have inner peace.

When people are kind to themselves, it’s easier for them to be kind to others too. This sense of inner peace allows people to truly understand others and the world, granting them the capacity to consider everyone’s well-being above theirs when making decisions. This makes it easier for people not to be influenced by society’s negativity, making them firmly stand their ground on what’s morally right.

The question is: how does one find this inner peace?

Ground Oneself in Nature

Nature provides numerous benefits to one’s well-being. Spending time in nature and doing activities like walking, running, or simply marveling at sceneries can help one find serenity and calm. Getting in touch with nature helps people avoid dwelling on stressful and negative matters. However, this genuine feeling of peace won’t be achieved after a one-time experience or short-term exposure. People must learn how to incorporate nature into their daily routines to help them alleviate stress and achieve peace.

Grounding in nature doesn’t only mean increased exposure to trees and the environment. This also entails a decreased usage and connection to the internet world. To achieve peace, one must learn to live without the most common stressor: social media. It’s healthy to take breaks from social media and gain complete control and realize what exists and truly matters beyond the screens.

Practice Self-Love

What better way to achieve inner peace than by putting oneself first? The world becomes happier and more pleasing if one loves oneself. How they perceive the world and what they choose to focus on, whether positivity or negativity, are influenced by the presence or absence of that war within themselves. What people say about people who are in love wearing rose-colored glasses is true. Love can affect one’s perspectives and views, making them more appreciative and in love with the world. Additionally, people who have love within themselves have more than enough to give to others.

Respectful Communication

Communication will always be the key. This is vital in achieving peace with others and within oneself. Respect will always bear good fruits for relationships with others and within oneself. By communicating respectfully, people aren’t only avoiding possible conflicts. But they’re also trying to preserve their mental health. Talking to others while remaining respectful decreases instances of miscommunication, avoiding hurtful drama.

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